What are the best credit card perks for my next vacation? From airline miles to hotel discounts and vacation packages; rewards credit cards help you make the most of your next getaway. And you don’t have to have an airline or travel rewards card to get these special travel benefits either. Chances are your current credit card already offers perks to help you save big on your next vacation.

Before you hit the road, take a closer look at your credit card rewards.

Earn Cash Back on Your Travel

Did you know you may be able to double your rewards or earn cash back just by booking your travel with your credit card? Before you book your next trip, see if your credit card offers an online shopping portal or rewards mall. You may be able to find exclusive deals and discounts on airfare, hotels, car rentals and cruises. 

Check If You Have Car Rental or Flight coverage

If you plan on renting a car during your trip, you may be able to forgo the added expense of secondary rental insurance and use your credit card’s built-in car rental coverage. Many credit cards will cover collision repair if you rent the car with your card. Coverage varies and limitations apply, so make sure to check with your issuer. Several credit cards also offer discounted rates on car rentals when you book through your issuer’s rewards portal.

You may also be covered with flight accident insurance for you, your spouse, domestic partner or eligible dependent children when you purchase your airline tickets in full using your credit card.

Look for No Foreign Transaction Fee Cards

If you are traveling abroad, be sure to check your credit card’s foreign transaction fees. Foreign transaction fees often add 1-3 percent to overseas purchases, but some credit card companies don’t charge the foreign currency transaction fees, which can provide a big cost savings.

See If You Have Emergency Travel Benefits

Be aware that to take advantage of many of your credit card’s travel benefits you will need to book your entire travel using your credit card. You may find a rewards card that includes an annual fee may offer greater travel benefits. Not all credit cards will offer all the travel benefits listed above so be sure to check your cardmember terms or call customer service and ask them about your travel benefits.

TIP: Be sure to let your credit card issuer know before you travel. Because they keep an eye out for suspicious transactions, purchases made away from your home area might be flagged by the fraud department.

TIP: See all the travel benefits that come with Discover rewards credit cards. For instance, the Discover it® Miles travel credit card can help frequent, or not-so-frequent, travelers reduce the overall cost of their travel purchases through the Miles they earn.1

Originally February 17, 2015.

Updated February 27, 2020.


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