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How Long Does It Take to Get a Credit Card?

Last Updated: October 14, 2022
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Key Points About: How Long It Takes to Get a Credit Card

  1. You can apply and get approved for a credit card within minutes. However, receiving your card in the mail can take 7-10 business days.

  2. Some credit card issuers allow qualifying customers instant access to credit.

  3. It can take up to 30 days to receive approval or denial from a credit issuer, depending on the need for additional information or the complexity of the applicant’s credit history.

While you may be ready to get a new credit card, the process from application to access could take longer than you may think. Usually, you can expect to receive your credit card within a couple of weeks. But a few factors can affect how long it takes to get your card, including your credit history and shipping timelines.

How long does it take to get approved for a credit card?

To receive a credit card or gain access to instant credit, you must first apply and get approved for a credit card. When you apply online, you might get approved for a credit card within seconds of completing and submitting an application, though credit issuers may not send confirmation for several days or weeks. Federal regulations mandate notice of approval or denial within 30 days.

Did you know?

One factor that affects how long it takes to get approved for a credit card is your credit history. You’re more likely to receive instant approval if you have a strong credit history. However, it could take longer to get approved if you have no credit history or poor credit history. In this case, the issuer may need to do more research to determine if you’re a good candidate for the card.

See if you’re pre-approved

Discover applicants can check the status of a credit card application online or call 1-800-347-3085.

How long does a credit card take to arrive?

Once you’re approved for a new credit card, you may want to start using your credit immediately. Some issuers offer instant credit, which means you can access and start using your account to make purchases before your card arrives.

If you don’t qualify for instant credit, you’ll have to wait for your credit card to arrive in the mail before using it. Depending on the issuer (the company you’re getting your credit card from), it can take anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks for your new credit card to arrive. Typically, you can expect to wait at least a week before your new credit card comes.

If you’re wondering how long it will take for your credit card to arrive, the best thing to do is contact the issuer directly. They’ll be able to give you a more specific timeline based on their processing and shipping times.

How long does it take a replacement credit card to arrive?

Whether you’ve lost your credit card, or had it stolen, it usually takes about 7-10 days for your requested replacement card to arrive. It’s important to report a lost or stolen card as soon as possible. Once notified, your credit card company will cancel the card to keep anyone from using it and issue you a new credit card with a new card number. If you’re simply ordering an additional card, Discover Cardmember can request the card be shipped overnight.

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