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CD Laddering: Make the Climb to Financial Success

It's hard to beat the rock-solid security of certificates of deposit, or CDs. Because they aren't subject to the wild swings of the stock market, they can add steady returns to your investment portfolio. The key is having a strategy that maximizes your returns.
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Meet Your Savings Goals With a
Discover Bank Online Savings Account

Achieving your savings goals might seem daunting in a challenging economy, but it doesn't have to be. Follow these three steps and it won't seem so hard to make your savings work harder for you.
Step 1: Decide What You're Saving For. "It's not really that hard, I think," says Morris Armstrong, a certified financial planner in Danbury, Conn. Read More

Choosing a Direct Bank

Did you know that around 70 Million households across the United States do their banking online? Discover Bank shares some useful tips with you when trying to decide between traditional Brick-and-Mortar banks and Online Banks. Learn about the online banking features offered by banks. These online banks not just bring efficiency into your life but also a peace of mind!! Read More

Protecting Your Money

Learn more on few ways you can protect and grow your money in this economy. Discover Bank shares a few investment strategies to help protect your money by helping you educate on the basics of investing your money in different types of accounts offered by banks. The strategies you read will help you invest your money without the need of stashing your money under your favorite mattress!! Read More

Budgeting During Tough Times

Budgeting and saving are always in style, regardless of the economy. But if you want to recession-proof your finances, there are a few simple budgeting tools you can use that are very effective. At the top of the list: Know what you spend. Read More

Money Market Deposit Account Basics:
A Good Way to Save Today

Safe, secure and conservative, money market accounts (MMAs) are proving to be an investment bright spot that can help you save more confidently in today's volatile economy, say financial experts. Read More

Get the FAQs on CDs

In 15 years as a financial planner, Delia Fernandez of Los Alamitos, CA, never thought she'd see the day when Certificates of Deposit (CDs) became a hot topic of conversation with her clients. "The whole world of CDs has suddenly become more important," Fernandez says. "CDs are the best deal in town." Read More

Discover Bank IRA Accounts:
How to Make Your IRA Contribution Count Today

Amid the current economic crisis, saving for retirement is more important than ever. Opening an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or contributing the maximum amount allowed to an existing IRA account is vital to your future financial well-being. Read More

Your Retirement: Setting Long-Term Savings Goals

You've worked for more than 20 years and you're looking to retire in the next 20, but you're worried about the struggling economy, fluctuating stock market and your shrinking investments-especially your 401(k). Read More
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