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Applying for credit cards online has never been faster or easier. In fact, with instant approval credit cards you can actually get an answer within minutes. What determines whether you are granted instant approval? Whether you’re looking at a general card or specific credit cards for seniors, one critical factor is your credit score.

Are You Giving Yourself Enough Credit?

Over time, the credit history of many seniors becomes history. You may think, “I have no mortgage, no car payments and no debt, so I must have great credit, right?” However, that’s not how banks, financial institutions, creditors or lenders see it.

According to Experian (a leader in consumer and business credit reporting) when you don’t use credit, or have credit agreements in place for some time, your credit history begins to disappear.1 So even if you think you have a terrific credit history, getting instant credit card approval requires current positive credit activity.

On the Other Hand…

Credit scores of seniors can be negatively impacted when debt builds up and credit reports reveal errors, red flags or a less-than-stellar credit history. That could lead to instant rejection instead of instant approval because the report translates to an unattractive risk for banks and financial institutions.

These days, everything from renting an apartment and having the power turned on to getting a loan or applying for a credit card can require a credit check. But it is has been estimated that only 25% of seniors actually check their credit reports, which you can do for free once a year at

Do You Need an Instant Approval Credit Card?

Whether you apply for an instant approval credit card depends on your needs. Keep in mind that the needs of seniors are constantly changing. Selling your home and buying an apartment, moving into an assisted living facility, loan applications and unexpected emergencies are just some of the scenarios that may require passing a credit check- even if you’re debt-free. Take the time to research the best credit cards for senior citizens before making any hasty decisions about your finances.

And now that you understand more about instant approval credit cards, learn how to make sure you apply on a secure website.

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Increase Your Chances for Instant Credit Card Approval

If you have good-to-excellent credit, congratulations! You stand a higher chance of receiving instant approval. However, if your credit score is too low (or non-existent) here’s how you can improve your odds of approval…

  • Pay bills on time and avoid charging more than you can pay off monthly.
  • Inactive and closed accounts in good standing don’t generally contribute to credit scores after ten years. Active positive accounts older than six months that have been updated by creditors or lenders can improve credit scores.1
  • Arrange for certain bills to be charged automatically to your credit card and pay the entire bill in full by the due date.
  • Running up debt isn’t the objective, but building a solid credit history while living within your means is a worthy goal.
  • Keep lines of current credit open and manage them responsibly.
  • Check your credit report once a year and have errors corrected.


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