Credit Card Basics

New to credit? No problem! From establishing credit to maintaining it, we’re here to help you get you started.

Why Isn’t My Credit Card Working?

Have you ever encountered this problem and wondered why your credit card won't swipe? Here are seven possible reasons that could explain this phenomenon.

Can I Use a Credit Card Immediately?

While cash is always an option, many Americans prefer to use their credit and debt cards. Learn if you can use a credit card immediately and how to get your…

What is a Credit Card Number?

Credit card numbers are not randomly assigned. They're coded so that they identify the issuer and account holder.

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What is a Balance Transfer?

A credit card balance transfer can be a great way to save some money. There are also some other benefits that come with consolidating…

What is a Good Credit Limit?

If your application for a credit card is approved, you'll receive a credit card limit. But, do you know how the limit is calculated…

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