How do I find the best credit card to match my lifestyle?

From Major League Baseball to the NFL, NHL, PGA and NASCAR — there’s a credit card offer for every type of sports fan. But just like all credit card offers, it’s important to look past the logo and focus on the card’s terms and conditions.

NHL Discover it Card

Your Team, Your Card, Your Loyalty.

Whether it’s a unique fan experience or discounted tickets and team merchandise — sports affiliated credit cards can be enticing offers. However, when you’re considering getting a new credit card you should try to make your decision on the financial benefits and try to avoid being swayed by team loyalty. Instead, focus on finding a credit card rewards program that helps you build reward points you will actually use.

Here’s what to look for when shopping for a new credit card:


Sports affiliated credit cards generally offer special discounts for purchases made at the league’s online store and, in some instances, even game tickets. Typically, cardmembers can earn one bonus point for every dollar charged to the card, and the points can be redeemed for official team apparel, fan experiences, tickets, cash back and travel.

As with most rewards cards, it’s important to keep in mind that if you carry a balance the interest may exceed the value of any points you earn. Also, even though a credit card may not have your team’s logo, that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in sports related perks.

For example, Discover is the Official Card of the NHL®, which provides cardmembers the opportunity to receive discounts on merchandise, subscriptions and more. Learn more about the NHL® Discover it® card.

Game tickets

Whether it’s winning tickets to the Super Bowl or scoring tickets to your favorite team’s next big game, being able to get discounted game tickets or access to premium seating is a major draw to sports credit cards. However it’s important to make sure the rewards you’re interested in earning aren’t completely out of your reach. Sure, earning a free team jersey is great, but if the rest of the credit card’s terms aren’t in your favor, you’re really not getting the best deal.

Discounted Apparel and Merchandise

While most sports credit cards provide cardholders with discounts at their team or league’s official online store, you may be able to still get great discounts on your team’s apparel and merchandise. If you have a rewards card, you could earn cash back on all your purchases just by shopping online through your credit card rewards mall. With the NHL Discover it card, cardmembers can get 10% off on (on top of the cash back they earn for the purchase) when they use the code ITPAYS at checkout.

Interest Rates

The APR (annual percentage rate) is the interest rate that determines the finance charges you pay on your account if you carry a balance or take a balance transfer or cash advance. Some credit card companies have terms and conditions that allow them to increase the APR if certain conditions are not met. For example, if you are late with a payment, your credit card company could raise the APR on new purchases and/or charge a penalty or late fee.

0% Intro APR and Balance Transfer Offers

If you know that you will most likely be carrying a balance from month to month, it’s important to look for a card that offers a low or 0% intro APR. Make sure that you understand what happens once that introductory 0% APR expires, what the new APR is, and if anything else besides the APR changes once the introductory period is over.


The credit card’s APR isn’t the only factor that determines whether or not the card is a good deal. Annual fees, penalty fees or other additional charges like late fees also need to be figured into the value of any deal. While most sports affiliate credit cards do not have an annual fee, it’s important to check for other fees like foreign transaction fees, late payment fees and overlimit fees. It’s important to make sure you look at all the details to determine which fees may apply to your credit card account.

For most diehard sports fans, the plastic they carry in their wallet is another place to show off their team pride. Just remember when choosing a credit card it’s usually best to be loyal to your financial goals and pick a card based on your needs rather than its relationship with a particular sports team.

NHL Discover it Card


Your team pride knows no bounds.
Including the front of your credit card.

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