Seems like everyone’s got advice for saving money. Keep every $5 bill you get! Only take cold showers! Potty train your cat! But guess what? Not everyone’s an expert.

So, we took a closer look at these tips we’ve all heard before and put ‘em to the test—can you guess which ones ring true?

1. Your globetrotting friend says Tuesdays are the best days to save on airfare.

2. Your go-getter coworker says you can ask for lower prices on services like cable, cell phones, you name it.

3. Your handy uncle insists you change your oil every 3,000 miles to save on auto maintenance.

4. Your parents lecture that renting is basically throwing your money away.

5. The morning news says you have to give up your morning latte to save money.

6. Your shopaholic sister says “fast fashion” is a waste of money.

7. Your budget-savvy neighbor says pay down debt before building your savings.

Now that we busted some savings myths…let’s put the rest to work. We challenge you to save as much as you can in one month. You ready?


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