Why Is Identity Theft Protection Important?

Your personal information could be stolen and used by criminals in a variety of ways. Identity theft protection can help you reduce your risk of fraud and identity theft.

How To Spot The Risk Of Identity Theft

Beware of Digital Identity Thieves

Beware of Digital Identity Thieves

Plugging your device into a public charging port, accessing an unsecured WiFi network and even skipping over those pesky privacy policies for websites and apps…

How Discover Identity Theft Protection Works

Even when you’re not online, your personal info is.

  • Monitor

    Thousands of Dark websites, all 3 credit bureaus for key changes*, and more to see if your personal info is out there.

  • Resolve

    In case of ID theft, our resolution agents will hep you step by step.

  • Reimburse

    You on up to $1Million in covered costs, like expenses and stolen funds.*

When you enroll, we’ll direct charge your Discover card for the monthly payment. For Cardmembers only.

Protect Yourself

*Terms Apply

How To Reduce The Risk Of Identity Theft