Have you ever forgotten to pay one of your bills on time? Most households have numerous bills that arrive in the mail at different times every month, and it can be a real challenge to remember to pay each one by its due date. Thankfully, your Discover card comes equipped with account management tools that can help you remember to pay your bills on time.

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Email and Text Alerts

Your Discover card offers email and text alerts that can help remind you of key dates. You can create an alert to remind you when your statement becomes available, when your minimum payment is due and when your payment is posted.

To view and configure these alerts, log in to your Discover card account online or by using the Discover mobile app, and navigate to the Manage Alerts page.

Important Things to Know About Your Alerts

You can stop text alerts by changing your preferences on your Discover account online; you also can stop text communications by sending a text message from your mobile device with the word STOP to 347268 (DISCOV). In addition, you can text some supported commands to 347268 (DISCOV), such as MENU, to see a menu of available options; BAL, to check your current balance; and DUE, to see your statement balance, balance due and current due date.

While Discover provides these email and text services at no additional charge, bear in mind that you may be responsible for message and data charges from your mobile phone provider. Finally, be sure to put discover@email.discover.com into your email address book to ensure that Discover’s messages aren’t sent to your spam folder.

Discover DirectPay

Another valuable account tool that Discover offers is automatic payments, which are debited from your checking or savings account each month. To enroll in automatic payments, just log in to your Discover account online and go to the DirectPay section. You can customize your automatic payment amount, with payment options such as minimum payment or full statement balance, for example.

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Advantages of DirectPay

While email and text alerts can be valuable reminders, you will still have to take an extra step to initiate payment. With DirectPay, your payments occur automatically, ensuring that you cannot forget. This can provide customers with peace of mind after they enroll, knowing that they will won’t have to incur a late fee and additional interest charges due to a mistake. There is no cost for using DirectPay, and you can save on stamps because you won’t have to mail in your payments.

By utilizing all of Discover’s tools, you can remove the hassle of remembering to pay your monthly credit card bills.

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