It’s exciting to plan a trip outside of the United States, but it can be a little confusing to decide how you will pay for your purchases in another country.

How to Tell If You Can Use Your Discover Card Abroad

Discover offers a helpful web page that you can use to find out if your card will be accepted in each country that you visit. This page will also tell you which logos you can look for that indicate merchant acceptance.

For example, Discover is accepted in Japan where you see a JCB logo, and in India where you see a RuPay logo. And in many countries, you can use your Discover card anywhere you see the Diners Club International logo.

Why the Discover Card is Great for Travel

Discover cards include an embedded smart chip, which is necessary for compatibility with many credit card terminals in foreign countries.

Other Tips for Using Your Discover Card Outside the U.S.

Before embarking on a foreign trip, it’s always a good idea to notify your card issuer. This will prevent them from mistaking your foreign credit card use as unauthorized. You can notify the Discover customer service department of your travel plans by calling them, or by entering the dates of your trip online when you log into your account at

In addition, you should be thoughtful when a merchant offers to let you pay in U.S. dollars with your credit card. This service, called dynamic currency conversion (DCC), can add as much as 7 percent (possibly higher) to the cost of your charge as a convenience fee for displaying your home currency on the receipt. Merchants are required to obtain the permission of cardholders before providing this service and imposing this fee. To avoid this fee, you can decline any offers to pay in your home currency.

Finally, you can continue to monitor your Discover card account from overseas using the customer website, mobile app or by calling Discover from overseas at 801-902-3100.

Bottom Line

Not only can you use your Discover card in many countries, but also it’s an excellent choice for overseas travel. By following a few simple tips, you can still use your favorite card outside the United States. It’s always a good idea to bring multiple forms of payment when you travel.

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