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How to Save Money on Gas

Last Updated: January 14, 2024
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Key points about: how to save on gas

  1. A gas rewards credit card can help you save money on gas and earn rewards for your gas purchases.

  2. Good driving habits could increase fuel efficiency and save you money on fuel costs.

  3. You could reduce your gas spending by using cash back rewards to pay for gas.

7 Ways to save money on gas

Gas prices can put a strain on household budgets across the United States. Fortunately, you can try these seven strategies to save money on gas. Use these tips to earn rewards when you make a gas purchase, reduce your gas bill, and find the lowest fuel prices in your area.

1. Use a gas rewards credit card

Gas rewards credit cards could help you save money at the pump. They offer extra cash back on gas purchases so that you can get rewards for your road trips and daily commute.

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2. Use the correct type of gas

Premium gas has a higher octane rating than regular gasoline and costs around 80 cents more per gallon, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA). Car manufacturers optimize many cars to function on regular gasoline. So, unless your vehicle requires premium gas, using regular could save you money without affecting the car’s function.

3. Check gas prices at each gas station

Perhaps you’ve noticed two gas stations on different sides of the same street charging different gas prices. As the EIA explains, gas prices vary by location based on each retailer’s marketing costs, state and local taxes, and distance from the distributor. You could uncover the best prices by comparing prices and loyalty programs across local establishments.

4. Check your car’s fuel efficiency 

You could save money on gas based on the car you drive. How often do you have to refill your tank? You might want to note the average number of miles you’re getting per gallon. If your car’s fuel efficiency is low, consider switching to a hybrid or electric car or another energy-efficient option.

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5. Turn cash back rewards into fuel

One way to save money on gas is to use the cash back from your gas rewards credit card or other cash back card toward fuel costs. Depending on your budget and financial needs, using your rewards to buy gas could help offset your gas bill.

You could save even more on gas purchases by participating in loyalty programs for gas stations. Then, you’d earn rewards through your credit card provider, and you’d also earn rewards through the loyalty program on the same transaction.

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6. Maximize fuel efficiency 

Whatever car you drive, your driving habits and decisions behind the wheel could help you save money on gas. As The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) outlined, driving efficiently matters; aggressive driving and speeding don’t just put drivers in danger, they also reduce fuel efficiency by 10% to 40% or 7% to 14%, respectively. After you hit 50 MPH, your fuel efficiency begins to plummet. Idling eats up fuel quickly, too. Avoid leaving the engine running while the car is in park. You can also take anything you don’t need out of your vehicle to improve fuel efficiency. Extra weight could bring down fuel economy and increase fuel consumption, especially in a smaller car. 

7. Keep your car in good shape

You may reduce your car’s gas consumption by attending to maintenance needs immediately. According to DOE, taking steps to keep your car in good shape can help impact fuel economy. For example, check your tire pressure regularly since inflating your tires may improve gas mileage. Switching the motor oil you use may help, too. If you use the grade of oil your car’s manufacturer recommends, you may get better gas mileage by a few percent.

Grow your gas savings

Many small changes could help you save money on gas, from the car you drive to how you pay your gas bill. With a gas rewards credit card, your gas station purchases could earn you cash back so that you’ll save even more money with every gallon you purchase.


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