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How to Get a Gas Card

Published June 7, 2022
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Let’s learn about: gas credit cards

  1. Gas credit cards often offer rewards when you use the card to buy gas.

  2. Some cards are affiliated with certain gas stations while others are general rewards cards with gas-specific rewards.

  3. Compare the cards’ features, fees, and fine print to see which is best.

gas rewards credit card can give you discounts or rewards whenever you buy gas. These cards tend to appeal most to people who have a regular commute. However, some of the cards also offer bonus rewards on non-gas purchases, which can make them a good fit for infrequent drivers as well.

What is a gas credit card?

Gas credit cards are credit cards that offer bonuses or discounts at the pump, and sometimes on items from a gas station’s convenience store. Generally, gas credit cards fall into two broad categories:

  • Co-branded gas cards. Fuel companies offer branded gas cards that give cardholders discounts, rewards, or other perks at the company’s affiliated gas stations. Sometimes you can only use these co-branded gas cards at the company’s stations. Others work like regular credit cards and offer bonuses on non-gas purchases, but the reward redemptions are generally still tied to buying fuel from an affiliated station.
  • Rewards cards with rewards for gas. There are also general rewards cards that give you rewards at eligible gas stations. These cards don’t limit the rewards to a single company’s gas stations, and many also offer bonuses on non-gas purchases.

Station-affiliated gas cards may work for you if you regularly fill up at a single company’s stations. However, a general rewards card may offer more convenience. It can also let you save money overall because you can look for the station with the lowest-priced gas and then use your card to earn rewards.

How do gas credit cards work?

All gas cards offer benefits on eligible gas purchases, but the details can vary depending on the type of card.

Co-branded gas cards may give you a discount when you use the card to pay for gas, such as X cents per gallon off. Or they may offer X cents per gallon in rewards, which you can apply toward a future purchase at the station.

Rewards gas cards are generally tiered rewards cards with extra cash back or points per dollar you spend at gas stations. For example, you might earn 2% cash back when you buy gas up to a certain spend limit each quarter and 1% cash back on other purchases.

The rewards redemption options will also depend on the card’s terms. Co-branded card redemptions are often tied to buying gas from the company. With cash back gas cards, the rewards redemptions aren’t necessarily related to fuel purchases. For example, you may redeem for a statement credit, direct deposit to a linked bank account, or a gift card.

How to compare gas credit cards

There’s a lot to consider when you’re comparing gas credit cards, including where you generally purchase gas, how much you spend on gas, and the cards’ other benefits and drawbacks.

Here are some of the major factors that you can review to figure out which gas card work best for you:

  • Annual fee. Cards with an annual fee may offer a higher rewards rate on gas purchases and additional perks. Consider how much you expect to earn from the benefits and how that compares to the fee.
  • Eligible purchases. Review which gas station you can use to earn rewards, whether you’re usually near one of those stations, and if that station often has low- or competitively priced gas.
  • Additional bonus categories. Some cards will give you rewards on other purchases, which can make them a good option if those categories align with your usual spending.
  • Intro bonuses. You may find introductory bonuses for new cardmembers that could make some gas cards more rewarding than others.
  • Redemption requirements. Know how and when you can redeem rewards, and whether the rewards will expire if you don’t redeem them within a certain period.
  • Extra requirements. You may have to join a rewards or membership program in order to get certain gas cards.

There may also be other features that apply under certain circumstances. For instance, if you make purchases while traveling abroad, the Discover it® Chrome Gas and Restaurant Credit Card doesn’t have foreign transaction fees – also, there’s also no annual fee, and your rewards never expire.1

Using the Discover it Chrome card, you can automatically earn 2% cash back at gas stations and restaurants on up to $1,000 in combined purchases each quarter.2 You earn 1% on all other purchases. New cardmembers can also receive the Discover Cashback Match, which is an unlimited match of all the cash back you’ve earned at the end of your first year with the card.3

How to apply for a gas credit card

You can typically apply for a gas credit card at gas stations or online, with the eligibility requirements varying by card. Before applying, consider which card best fits your lifestyle. As with other types of credit cards, applying could lead to a hard credit check, which may hurt your credit scores.

Discover also gives you the chance to see if you are pre-approved for a credit card, including the Discover it® Chrome Gas and Restaurant Credit Card. If you qualify for a pre-approved offer, you will have seven days to decide if you would like to apply. The pre-approval process is also fast and easy, and it won’t impact your credit.

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