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How to Get a Credit Score & Report for Free

Last Updated: February 1, 2023
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Key points about: checking your credit report and score for free

  1. Each credit reporting agency will provide you with one free credit report per year, which has increased to one free report per week through December 2023.

  2. You can request a free credit report online and access your report within minutes.

  3. Your bank or credit card company may provide your credit score for free.

A credit report offers a snapshot of your financial health in terms of debt management. And your credit score is like a grade for your credit report. Prospective lenders review your credit report and credit score before deciding whether to issue you credit, which can impact your ability to get a home, car and more.

Some websites may try to charge you for a credit report. Knowing how to check your credit report and score for free can help you stay on top of your report and hang on to your hard-earned cash.

Where to get your free credit report

Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, consumers are entitled to one free credit report from each of the three major credit reporting agencies every 12 months. You can request your free credit report at Through December 2023, you can also get a weekly free credit report from each credit bureau. Additionally, you can ask for a free credit report within 60 days of being denied credit or reach out to a non-profit credit counselor for a free credit report and help with reviewing your report.

Where to check your credit score for free

Many banks, credit card issuers, and loan companies offer free access to credit scores to their customers. Check your online account or monthly statement to find your score. . As a Discover® Cardmember, you can get your FICO® Credit Score, plus see important details that help make up your score for free.1

Free credit report vs free credit score

Did you know?

A credit report and credit score are different but related. Your credit report lists your borrowing and repayment history. Your credit score translates that information into a three-digit score (often between 300 and 850). You can check your credit report without impacting your credit score.

Keep in mind that there isn’t just one credit report or score. Each credit reporting agency will score your credit history differently depending on the information in your credit report. Some creditors report to one agency and not the others.

Your score will likely fluctuate monthly based on several factors, like taking on more debt or paying off loans. Your credit score isn’t typically included in your credit report.


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