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Painting Hacks: Spray Painting

Spray paint is a quick and easy way to create something unique out of something ordinary. Here are some useful spray paint hacks. To give your cabinet or dresser a fresh look, begin by removing the hardware using a screwdriver. Place the knobs on an upside down egg carton so you can easily spray all angles at once. Re-fasten the hardware for a new and improved piece of furniture. Covering a surface with petroleum jelly will keep spray paint from sticking. After the paint is dry, just wipe the surface and the paint will come right off. To limit your mess, spray paint the item inside of a cardboard box. For bigger items, you can use a plastic garment bag. For a unique look, use Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, which dries into a mirror-like finish. Apply the paint with even strokes. You can use this on just about any surface you want. These tips should have you becoming a spray paint master in no time.

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