Your credit report is a record of how you use credit, primarily whether or not you pay your bills on time and whether you use too much of your available credit.1 Still, there are some misconceptions about what appears on your credit report and what doesn’t. Here are three factors that don’t appear on your credit report.

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Utility Bills Paid on Time

In general, utility bills don’t go on your credit report. That includes your phone, electric, mobile, Internet and heating bills. One exception: If you don’t pay your utility bills and they end up in collections, they will likely turn up on your credit report as unpaid collection accounts.2 This is also true of judgments against you that go unpaid.3

Rent Paid on Time

Likewise, rent likely won’t show up on your credit report when you pay it on time. Evictions can show up on your credit report.4 But unless you sign up for special services that report to credit bureaus, your rent will only appear on your credit report if you don’t pay it.

Your Salary and Savings

You might have a high income and a lot of savings. That’s not going to do anything for your credit score, however.5 Having more money and more savings might make it easier for you to pay your bills on time and not get behind, but credit reporting agencies don’t have access to any of that information.

Again, important factors that contribute to your credit score are whether you pay your debts on time and how much of your available credit you use. If you can keep those in good shape  you’re well on your way to a solid credit score.6

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