How to Increase Credit Limits on Your Cards

When you understand the factors that are important to the credit card issuer, you may stand a better chance of having your own limit increased when you inquire. Take back control of your situation.

Should I Request a Credit Line Increase?

Credit isn't income or free money. It's debt -- or, at the very least, potential debt. So consumers should consider all of the outcomes of a credit line increase .

How Is My Credit Card Limit Determined?

To determine a credit limit, issuers look at everything from past payment history to income to credit utilization to how much an applicant pays for their rent or mortgage.

5 Ways Credit Cards are Better Than Cash

Have you ever been torn between using cash or a credit card as a method of payment? Using cash can have some advantages, but there are several ways that credit cards can be better.

What is a Good Credit Limit?

If your application for a credit card is approved, you'll receive a credit card limit. But, do you know how the limit is calculated and how it can change over time?