These clever side jobs may help you pay off debt and, perhaps more importantly, make you the most interesting person at any cocktail party.

1.      Make your cat a social media celebrity

Cat with a crown - side hustle

Pro: When your cat hits the talk show circuit, you can sneak things into its rider just to mess with people—like requiring a personal cat yoga instructor.

Con: Have you ever tried training a cat before? 

2.      Become a professional line sitter (or stander)

People standing in line - side hustle

Pro: All you have to do is sit there in a line waiting.

Con: All you have to do is sit there. In a line. Waiting.

3.      Go into beard modeling

Man with long beard - side hustle

Pro: Beards are so hot right now—you’ll have tons of work and a huge fan following on social media.

Con: Say goodbye to spaghetti sauce, powdered donuts, burritos, bagels with cream cheese and anything else that could mess with your beard-fection.

4.      Rent your yard to a tiny house dweller

Tiny house - side hustle

Pro: It’s good for the environment and your bottom line.

Con: You may start to wonder whether you’re living a life of excess. Is plumbing really necessary? Do you really need to stand fully upright in your kitchen?

5.      “Dramatic reenactment” actor on TV

Man in woods being chased by bear - side hustle

Pro: You’ll get to sink your teeth into really meaty roles, like “hiker who encounters a grizzly” or “helpful bystander number two.”

Con: There’s a chance you’ll be haunted by imaginary flashbacks of all the dramatic moments you reenacted.

Not feeling these side hustles?

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