Having the ability to change your credit card due date can help you better align credit card and bill payments with each other and your paychecks, in turn making it easier to complete monthly payments on time.

Indeed, many credit card issuers allow cardholders to move their due date. Maybe your original credit card due date is the day before you get paid, making it hard or impossible to make the payment. Or perhaps it falls on the same date as three or four of your other bills, and you would prefer to stagger it. The benefits to moving a due date are going to be uniquely different to each person.



If You Can’t Change Your Due Date…

All is not lost. Sure, it may be easiest to solve the above problems by moving your due date. But you can achieve similarly positive results by employing a few smart budgeting techniques.

If you’re concerned about not having enough money to pay a credit card bill that falls a week or more away from a paycheck, you might consider making a payment a week or two early, after you’ve received your statement, when you have the funds available. Or, you could set up a separate bank account where you deposit at least your card’s minimum payment after every check. This process is actually pretty simple with online banking, and could provide a solution for those on tight budgets.

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