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Drag those Filing Cabinets to the Curb

OK, what's easier—sorting through a mountain of old paperwork or clicking a few times with your mouse? And if you need to know exactly what the damage was from your weekend shopping spree, wouldn't you rather just log in right now than wait for the mail?

With your online statement, you can:

  • Check the amount of your reward available to redeem
  • Sort your transactions by date, amount, description or category
  • Download your statement into Microsoft® Money or Quicken®
  • Use the printer-friendly option if you ever need a hard copy

Keep Track of up to 7 years of Expenses

An invaluable tool, the Account Center lets you research your transactions as far back as 24 months. So when you need to, you can check the purchase date of your leaky dishwasher to see if it's still under warranty.

Take a Look at Using Online Statements

Get the Most Up-to-Date Information about Your Account

  • View transactions and activity for each statement
  • See how much your rewards have grown
  • Print your statement if you ever need a hard copy
  • See your current balance
  • Sort transactions by amount, category or date
  • Monitor on a weekly or even daily basis when a specific credit, purchase or balance transfer hits your account
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Why don't my Current Balance and Credit Line Available add up to my Credit Line?

Your Current Balance is the total of all transactions posted to your account as of the previous business day.

Your Credit Line Available is the amount available in your account that you can use right now.

These amounts may change throughout the day as certain transactions occur (purchases, ATM withdrawals, payments, etc.). Your Current Balance plus your Credit Line Available doesn't always equal your Credit Line because your Credit Line Available can be impacted by recent transactions, including those by merchants such as hotels and car rental companies, who may reserve part of your credit line until full payment has been calculated.

Where can I access my Discover CD and Money Market account information?

Go to to access your Discover CD and Money Market account information.

What is the Account Summary?

When you log into the Account Center, you will see your Account Summary which displays your account details at-a-glance. On it, you will see your:

  • Current Balance
  • Last Statement Balance
  • Minimum Payment Due Date
  • Last Payment Date
  • Credit Available
  • Credit Limit
  • Available Cash

You will also find other Account Center services or Discover Card special offers that might interest you. Log into the Account Center to view your Account Summary now.

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How many of my past statements can I view online?

In the Account Center, you can access your last 7 years of statements. This allows you to check past purchase dates, purchase amounts and payments easily. Log in now to view all your available statements.

Can I view account transactions since my last statement online?

Yes, log into the Account Center and click “Activity Since Last Statement.” You'll be able to view all the activity on your account since your last statement including purchases, balance transfers, cash advances, payments and credits. Not registered for the Account Center? Register now.

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