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Pay with Cashback Bonus

Learn how to redeem your Cashback Bonus at and with PayPal.
Pay with Cashback Bonus
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What is Pay with Cashback Bonus?

The Pay with Cashback Bonus program allows you to use your rewards at checkout to pay for a portion or your entire purchase on and PayPal. Enrollment is required.

Visit the following pages for full details about the program, including how to enroll/link your card.

What Discover cards are eligible for Pay with Cashback Bonus?

Eligible cards include Discover it®, Discover it® Chrome, Discover it® Miles, Discover More®, and Discover it® Business. NOTE: Discover it® Business is only available at Amazon/not yet available at PayPal.

Do I have to redeem my Cashback Bonus all at one time?

No, rewards can be redeemed in any amount. With Pay with Cashback Bonus, you can use as much or as little Cashback Bonus as you like.

What if I don't have enough Cashback Bonus for my purchase?

If you don′t have enough Cashback Bonus to pay for your entire order, you can use split pay. Split pay allows you to use Cashback Bonus for a portion of the cost and charge the remaining balance to your Discover card.

Can I redeem over the phone or in-store?

No, with the Pay with Cashback Bonus program, you can only use Cashback Bonus towards purchases made online.

Once I link my card to my and/or PayPal accounts, will my Cashback Bonus still be available at

Yes. You can use your Cashback Bonus anytime while you shop at, check out with PayPal, or for all redemption options offered by Discover.

Once I link my card to my and/or PayPal accounts, does my Cashback Bonus become the default payment method?

No. When your card is linked to your and/or PayPal accounts it allows your Cashback Bonus to be displayed as one of the options you can use to pay at checkout. It will not automatically be used to pay for your purchases. You will be given the option to select how much Cashback Bonus to apply every time you checkout.

How do I use Cashback Bonus to pay for an order at and/or with PayPal?

Once your Discover card is linked, you can use Cashback Bonus to pay for all or part of your purchase by selecting your Discover card. After you choose your Discover card for the payment method, you also can choose the reward amount you wish to apply.

Will my rewards balance be automatically updated on both my account and my accounts once I redeem?

Your rewards balance will reflect your redemption once an order is submitted. The credit card portion of your order may not be completed until items in the order have shipped.

Is there a fee for using Cashback Bonus for purchases made with Pay with Cashback Bonus partners?

No, there is no fee to redeem your Cashback Bonus with Pay with Cashback Bonus partners.

What should I do if I get a new Discover Card account number for my account which is already linked to a Pay with Cashback Bonus partner?

If you get a new Discover Card account number for your account which is already linked to a Pay with Cashback Bonus partner, you will need to visit the partner's website and re-register with your new account number.

Are there any products I can't buy using Pay with Cashback Bonus?

There are certain exclusions when using Pay with Cashback Bonus. See the Terms & Conditions for each Pay with Cashback Bonus partner for details.

Can I un-enroll/de-link my Discover Card from Pay with Cashback Bonus?

Yes, if you want to un-enroll/de-link your card you'll need to visit each Cashback Bonus partner's sites.

    Amazon: Visit, login to Your Account and click "Unenroll" next to the card you would like to un-enroll/de-link.

    PayPal: Login to your PayPal wallet, select your Discover card, click 'Details' where you see your available Cashback Bonus®, and select 'Stop using Cashback Bonus® with PayPal' on the next page.

What are the Terms and Conditions for Pay with Cashback Bonus?

1. Use Rewards at For complete details on how to Pay with Cashback Bonus at see Amazon is not a sponsor of this promotion. Amazon, the logo and the smile logo are trademarks of Amazon or its affiliates.

2. Use Rewards with PayPal: For complete details on how to Pay with Cashback Bonus with PayPal see Pay with Rewards will be available for eligible credit cards on eligible purchases. All reward redemptions are subject to Discover's reward program terms. PayPal, the PayPal logo are trademarks of PayPal or its Affiliates. Listed merchants are in no way sponsoring or affiliated with this program.

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