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Paperless Disclosures

FAQs regarding Paperless Disclosures


If I sign up for Paperless Disclosures, will I continue to receive my Paper Statement in the Mail?

Yes, signing up for Paperless Disclosures will not affect the monthly delivery of your paper statement.


What kind of Disclosures will I receive in the Secure Message Center?

You will receive sensitive correspondence such as account notices, terms and conditions and privacy policies in your Secure Message Center.


How long will my Disclosures be stored in the Secure Message Center?

Opened disclosures will be stored in the Secure Message Center for 30 days. Unopened Disclosures will be stored 180 days.


How will I access my disclosures in the Secure Message Center?

Log in to your account at to access the Secure Message Center. After you login, click the Messages Icon in your toolbar.


How can I cancel Paperless Disclosures?

Just log into the account center and go to My Profile, click "Paperless Disclosures" in the Account Information section and click "Cancel" to cancel your enrollment.

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