Welcome to Discover Zip.

It’s the new way to pay that’s quick and a lot more convenient. Attach your Discover Zip sticker to your mobile device, mp3 player, ID badge just about anything you carry with you all the time.

How do I use zip?

1 Snap it

Remove your Zip sticker and contactless card from their mailers and activate them from your home phone by calling 1-800-618-4905.

2 Attach it

Attach your Zip sticker to an item you already carry with you. Peel off the paper backing and attach your Zip sticker to any smooth, clean surface.

3 Tap it

Look for card readers that display the Discover Zip acceptance mark. When you’re ready to pay, just tap your sticker or contactless card to the reader. You can also swipe your contactless card just like a traditional card.

Where can I use Zip?

Use this easy way to pay anywhere you see the Discover Zip acceptance mark.

Zip is accepted at over 100,000 locations of the places you love to shop nationwide. And we’re adding more every day1.

  • Mcdonalds
  • 7 Eleven
  • Chevron
  • Burger King
  • Best Buy
  • Whataburger
  • Wendy’s
  • Rite Aid
  • Spartan Stores
  • Meijer
  • Hess
  • K Stores
  • The Sports Authority
  • Office Depot
  • The Home Depot
  • Dairy Queen
  • Foot Locker
  • * The trademarks and logos used above are the property of those organizations and their affiliates, and are used with permission.
  • 1 Zip is only accepted at participating locations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zip easy to use?

Yes. Just tap your Zip sticker or contactless card at readers which display the Discover Zip acceptance mark.

  • Hold the sticker or card steady and parallel to the reader’s surface (not at an angle).
  • You know it’s read your sticker or card when you see a blink of its light or hear a quiet beep.
  • If the cashier asks for your signature (for example, on charges over $25), you may also have to show your Discover card.

Your sticker or contactless card can be read from up to two inches away. But it’s a good idea to touch them to the reader and hold them there until you see the reader’s light blink, telling you they’ve connected.

How safe is Zip?

Zip has extra security features built in to its design.

  • Its verification code changes each time you use it (so no one can re-use the information from a previous transaction).
  • The sticker and contactless card never leave your hand, so you’re always in control.

And your Zip sticker and contactless card have the same features as a regular Discover card:

  • Same $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee means you're never responsible for unauthorized charges
  • Same dispute resolution online or by phone

Your Zip sticker is an extension of your Discover card, so treat it with the same care. If it’s ever lost or broken, call us at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).

How does Zip work?

A chip and antenna are embedded inside the Discover Zip sticker and contactless card. When you tap them to the Zip reader, a radio signal activates the chip to pass its encrypted information to the reader.

  • The required distance is so small that you can’t be charged accidentally in passing.
  • No other devices are close enough to read your signal. It can’t be scanned from a distance.
  • There is no power source in the sticker or contactless card. The reader’s signal powers them remotely.
  • The sticker is designed so it won’t affect the device you attach it to: it won’t cause interference with your mobile phone signal or use any of your phone’s power or plan minutes.

You can also swipe your new contactless Discover card just like a traditional card.

Where do I put my Zip sticker?

Pick something you carry with you all the time your mobile phone, music player, or your employee ID card.

  • The surface should be clean, flat and large enough to hold the sticker without any overhang.
  • Don’t punch a hole in the sticker. A sophisticated chip and antenna are embedded inside and damaging the sticker will ruin the mechanism that makes it work.
  • Don’t attach the sticker to your Discover card. It may make it difficult to insert your card into some types of card readers or ATMs.

What if my Zip sticker or contactless card doesn’t work?

Make sure you’re holding your Zip sticker or card in the right position.

  • Make sure it’s parallel to the reader, not at an angle.
  • Make sure it’s close to or touching the reader.
  • Make sure you’re holding it steady for one or two seconds.

Some readers may need the cashier to activate them. Tell the cashier you’d like to pay with Discover Zip and try again after the reader is activated.

If your Zip sticker or contactless card still doesn’t work, try holding it to the reader once more.

If your transaction still doesn’t go through, swipe your contactless Discover card to complete your transaction, just as you would a traditional card. Don’t tap it again. Tapping Zip too many times may trigger a built-in fraud protection feature.

Contact Discover at 1-800-DISCOVER to report the problem.

What if my Zip sticker or contactless card is lost or stolen?

Your Zip sticker is an extension of your Discover card. Treat both your sticker and your new contacless card as you would your traditional card.

If either is ever lost or stolen, call us at 1-800-DISCOVER (1-800-347-2683).

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