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Fee-free PurchaseChecks

Some important merchants and suppliers that you need to keep your business running do not accept credit cards. This can make bookkeeping for your small business cumbersome. Now there is a way for you to manage all of your business expenses on one statement, with Discover Card's fee-free PurchaseChecks.

The Benefits of Using PurchaseChecks

  • Get the standard APR as credit card purchases
  • Never pay a charge for writing new checks
  • Earn rewards with every check
  • Order new PurchaseChecks at any time with one quick phone call

PurchaseChecks are Easy to Use

  • Simply write a check to any merchant that does not accept credit cards or the Discover Business Card
  • Simplify bookkeeping with categorized online statements on all your card and PurchaseCheck expenses
  • PurchaseCheck purchases will appear on your monthly statement with your card purchases

To order new PurchaseChecks call 1-888-DISCOVER.

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