What You Need to Know About Discover Card’s Acceptance

Buy online groceries. Pick out a birthday gift for mom. Head to a catch-up dinner with friends. Get gas. Throughout the day, you’re likely making dozens of purchases — and it’s important to have a credit card that you’re confident will be accepted for everything from the impulse pack of gum on the way to the office to reservations for that once in a lifetime trip. To that end, you can use Discover credit cards at virtually any retailer, merchant, e-commerce site, restaurant or café you like. Consider these five facts about Discover credit cards:

1. Discover is Accepted Nationwide By 99 Percent of the Places That Take Credit Cards

Whether you’re filling up at the gas station, shopping online or buying a gift at a local store, chances are that Discover credit cards are accepted. In fact, according to the February 2020 Nilson Report, Discover is 99 percent accepted nationwide at places that take credit cards.

How do you know whether Discover is accepted? The best thing to do is to ask. While some stores may have payment accepted decals at the register, others may not. But, with an acceptance rate of more than 99 percent at merchants that accept credit cards, it’s likely that Discover is accepted at your retailer of choice. 

2. A Discover Card Can Be Used at Banks, Credit Unions, ATMs and Certain Stores for Cash

Sometimes you need cash and when you do, it’s possible to use your Discover card at a bank, ATM or credit union for a cash advance up to the limit specified in your contract. (Note: Interest rates on cash advances tend to be higher than those on purchases through the card.) To set up your card to allow for cash advances, you can simply call customer service and get a pin number to use at the ATM. You can also present your credit card and a photo ID at a bank or credit union to get money. To find ATMs and banks where you can withdraw cash, check this map.

On a grocery run when you remember that you need $20 for that cash-only taco stand you love? Discover has a cash over option at participating stores, like Kroger and Walmart, that allows you to withdraw cash when you make a purchase — and helps you avoid ATM fees.

3. Discover is Accepted at Online Merchants

Do you do most of your shopping on your smartphone, tablet or laptop? Discover is accepted at certain online retailers and paying with your Discover card can make it easy to rack up rewards. For example, if you use a Discover it® card or a Discover it® Miles card on Amazon.com, you can apply your available Cashback Bonus to all or part of your order. This can be a smart strategy if you’re a regular Amazon shopper.

4. Discover Secured Credit Cards Are Also Accepted

Some people wonder whether secured credit cards, like the Discover it® Secured, are accepted by retailers the same as unsecured credit cards. The answer is yes. To a retailer, credit cards all operate in a similar way. The main difference for a credit card holder between a secured credit card and an unsecured credit card is that a secured credit card requires a deposit which acts as your card’s spending limit. A secured credit card can also help card owners build credit while earning rewards.

5. Discover Partners with Retailers You Use to Deliver Maximum Rewards

One potentially smart strategy is to use credit cards to pay for the expenses you incur each month, and then pay the balance in full. That way, you can maximize rewards. Not only is Discover accepted by most retailers nationwide, but the retailers you regularly use can also help you reach reward goals. For example, certain Discover rewards credit cards, such as the Discover it® Student Cash Back, offers seasonal 5 percent cash-back promotions in various categories and across various retailers. Paying attention to cash-back calendars, as well as standing offers of 1 percent cash back on all purchases at all times, can help maximize your spending.

Get the Facts and Choose the Card that Fits Your Life

Do your research to determine whether a card is the right choice for your lifestyle — and your wallet. When you have a Discover card, you can feel confident that your card will be accepted by the majority of vendors you use on a daily basis, no matter what your to-do (and to-buy) list looks like.



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