Cheering on your favorite baseball team these days is not cheap. Food, tailgating gear—it adds up. But if you’re a Discover cardmember, you have access to Discover Deals, which allows cardmembers to take advantage of discounts and earn Cashback Bonus when making certain purchases with a Discover card. Here are just a few ways to use Discover Deals to save on baseball-related purchases this season.

Saving Pre- and Post-Game Meals

Whether you’re heading to the ballpark or having friends over to watch the game, food is an essential part of baseball season. Cut costs when you grab an early lunch or late dinner with a money-saving offer from the Restaurant Deals category. Load up on food for tailgates or watching games at home, and save money or earn extra rewards with deals from the Discount Stores category or the Grocery, Food, Treats category.

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Baseball Road-Trip Deals

If you’re planning a road trip to catch an out-of-town game, take a look at Discover Travel Deals. Log in to your account on your computer or even on your smartphone with the Discover Mobile App to visit Discover Deals and see the specials on car rentals and hotel stays. Remember to check back often as deals may change and/or expire.

Finding Deals on Baseball Equipment

Fans aren’t the only ones who can save money during baseball season. Find what you need to outfit your player—or yourself—with equipment like gloves and bats when you shop the Sporting Goods & Outdoors Deals. This may also be a good place to pick up folding chairs, stadium cushions and a small cooler if ballpark visits are a fixture on your summer itinerary.

Clothing & Accessories

If it’s time for a few new clothes to get you through baseball season, you just may hit a home run when you take advantage of a current Fashion & Accessories deal. Stock up on sweatshirts, sunglasses, T-shirts and more from some of America’s best-known retailers.

Electronics Deals

Not all fans get to attend the big game in person. Whether you watch it on TV or a computer screen, or even listen to it, you’ll enjoy the game even more with deals on home entertainment and electronics. Find deals on TVs, computers, stereos and more with Discover’s Electronic Deals.

Learn how to use Discover Deals to make the most of your baseball season.

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Earn big-time cash back that never expires with Discover it. See Rewards