Choose the account that suits your goal.

Different savings accounts achieve different goals. For example, an IRA CD is a good strategy for retirement, while a money market account works well for an emergency fund. Figure out which account may work best for you by choosing your goal from the chart below.
Then see 6 reasons to choose Discover

If your goal is to: Recommended Product Product Benefits Current Rate
Save for unexpected expenses Money Market Account1
  • Access to your funds when you need it5 (debit, checks, and online)
  • Pay bills online with our Easy service

% APY4

for balances under $100,000

Build up your savings for a large purchase Online Savings Account2
  • A rate that exceeds the national Savings Average7 on all balances
  • Fast and Easy online money transfers5
  • Easy to setup automatic savings plan

% APY4

for all balances

Lock in a fixed rate for guaranteed returns Certificate of Deposit (CD) Account3
  • Terms from 3 months to 10 years
  • Re-invest or distribute your CD interest
  • Not subject to fluctuations in the market

% APY4

for a 12-month term

Invest in your retirement Individual Retirement Account (IRA) CD3
  • Grow your Traditional / Roth IRA
  • Roll-over a 401(k) or transfer an IRA
  • Not subject to fluctuations in the market

% APY4

for a 3-year term