Financial Literacy After Graduation

Transitioning from college life to the real world can be difficult to navigate. Improve your financial literacy by learning how to budget, managing your student loan debt and more.

How to Create a Budget After College

Jul 10, 2019

Creating a Budget After College

Creating a budget for financial planning is always important, especially after college as your career takes off. Learn how to create a budget with help from Discover Student Loans.

Avoiding Financial Peer Pressure

Jan 17, 2019

Avoiding Financial Peer Pressure

Life after college brings many social opportunities, making it easy to blow your budget. However, Discover Student Loans can help you find a balance between enjoying your social life and managing personal finances.

Balancing Student Loan Debt

Jan 10, 2019

Balancing Student Loan Debt

If you have debt from student loans, should you take on more to buy a house or car? Discover Student Loans helps you balance student loan debt so you can afford other costs in your financial plan.

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