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Discover Student Loans

Scholarships are typically awarded by schools and private organizations. Use the following tips to help you maximize your scholarship opportunities:

  1. Get involved: Involvement in community service and other extracurricular activities during high school will be beneficial to getting a scholarship.
  2. Create a resume: Create and maintain a success resume, showcasing all your high school accomplishments.
  3. Consult your counselor: Consult with your high school guidance counselor or scholarship coordinator, as they are a good source for local and regional scholarships.
  4. Apply early and keep applying: Begin researching scholarships as early as your sophomore year of high school and apply to scholarships as soon as you are eligible. You can apply for certain scholarships throughout high school and even while in college.
  5. Ace the scholarship essay: When writing a scholarship essay, make sure you write it in your own voice. Also, make sure you use spell check and have someone else proofread your essay.
  6. Stay on top of scholarship deadlines: Scholarship deadlines can vary. Develop a scholarship deadline spreadsheet to keep you organized and on time.
  7. Be mindful of the details: Carefully read the instructions and make sure your application is filled out correctly and you have included requested items. Some scholarships will request financial information to determine a candidate's need.
  8. Search for scholarships: Use a scholarship search engine to save time. The Free Scholarship Search tool from Discover® Student Loans can customize your scholarship search to meet your unique needs. No registration required.
  9. Put your best face forward: If a scholarship interview is required, dress professionally. You will also want to make sure your social media accounts do not have any inappropriate content or pictures. You only have one chance to make a first impression.
  10. Prepare for Letters of Recommendation: You may not be the only person asking for a recommendation so gather your necessary application materials far in advance of the scholarship deadline.

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