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Making some big college decisions? My College Plan shows you how different schools and majors can affect your financial future, so you can make the best choices for you.

From the time you start thinking about college to the day you enroll in your first class, there are so many choices to make. Do you want to attend a small college or a large university? What majors and careers are you interested in? Should you take out student loans, and if so, how much? And how will all these decisions affect your financial future?

My College Plan can help you understand potential options and give you an idea of how they might shape your future. Because the more information you have, the better equipped you’ll be to choose confidently.

My College Plan

What if you could test out different scenarios, and easily evaluate them? My College Plan does just that. It compares different schools, majors, and careers, and shows you how they can affect your potential salaries, and student loan debt, down the road. Additionally, it asks you questions about your interests, academic strengths, and preferences around the college experience to really dig into the numbers. If you don’t already have a major or career picked out, that’s okay. My College Plan can provide relevant majors based on interest, and shows you what different options will potentially cost you.

My College Plan

Super valuable intel

Making decisions about your future when so much is unknown is tough. You’re doing your best to find out what type of school fits you, what major will interest you, and what type of career and lifestyle you’ll want. My College Plan gives you a way to look at your future like never before, comparing what your financial life might look like after graduation depending on the different choices you make. It’s not quite a crystal ball, but it’ll give you a glimpse at the exciting potential options ahead of you.

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