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Accountants get the short end of the stick. Many people often have misconceptions about accountants — stereotyping them as boring and attributing them to tax time. But in fact, accountants are necessary to every profession and they rank third on US News Best Business Jobs.

An accounting degree focuses on the financial aspects of business, including analyzing, tracking and evaluation of expenses. Accountants provide financial research for companies to help them reach financial goals and keep up to date with company records. Accountants can also consult companies, clients and the general public with their finances. Students interested in accounting should have strong math and problem-solving skills, along with a general interest for the financial world. Paying attention to detail is a must when dealing with a client's financial report.

Something to consider

Accounting majors will want to consider taking the Certified Public Accountant exam after their undergraduate program, which will lead to more career options. Being a CPA will make you more marketable to companies and is helpful no matter what business you end up working for. The exam is offered by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants and is issued by state. According to the institute's website, to be a licensed accounting professional, you need education, experience (varies state-to-state) and examination.

In addition to a CPA, you might also want to consider getting a master's degree in accounting or business administration to rise within the industry. Many employers like to see advanced degrees and can put you a step above your fellow CPAs.

After graduation

Once you've passed your CPA exam, you could find yourself working in a corporate environment, such as a large financial firm or for the government. Possible job titles include: tax accountant/auditor, financial investment analyst, financial manager, collections agent and auditing clerk. Accountants can also aid in financial crimes and work closely with the authorities such as the FBI.

Where you could end up living

According to My Next Move, in 2013, there were 37 states with average to above-average career opportunities as an accountant. States included: Colorado, Michigan, New York, Oregon and Virginia.

Salary and occupational outlook

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2016 there were more than 1,397,700 jobs as an accountant/auditor and the average salary was $69,350 per year. The expected growth from         2012—2022 as an accountant/auditor is 13 percent, which is as fast as the national average for all occupations. As an accountant/auditor, your job is parallel to the current economic environment. If the economy grows, so do the job opportunities.

As an accounting major, your classes on accounting theory and principles of auditing will help prepare you for the exciting and fast-paced business environment you'll later work in.

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