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ACT vs. SAT: What's the Difference?

Jan 18, 2018

ACT vs. SAT: What's the Difference?

Understand the differences between the ACT vs SAT and get help on which you should take. Knowing the differences can help you be better prepared.

Understanding College Admissions - Getting Into College

Apr 13, 2017

Understanding College Admissions

While there is not a universal formula for the college admissions process, here are some factors that may be considered during the review process.

How To Pick College Essay Topic - College Application

Feb 23, 2017

How to Pick a Good College Essay Topic

Learn about how to choose a good college application essay topic. Here are some tips to help you avoid cliché and bad topics for your college essay

College Admissions

Aug 06, 2015

Understanding College Admissions

It's helpful to understand how college admissions decisions are made. While there is no one formula, learn what admission committees may consider for students.

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