Help Your College Student Find an Internship

Internships can help college students get a competitive edge after college. Like a working interview, internships can sometimes lead to a full-time position. Some colleges require internships to graduate, but every student should consider this valuable work experience.

Use these tips to help your college student find an internship:

Find a College Internship

Useful Resources for Finding an Internship

Have your student first start with college job fairs and networking with professors. Your student's academic advisor is also a great resource for internship opportunities. Professors and advisors want to work with students so your student shouldn't be afraid to ask. Also, encourage your student to consider looking for internships out-of-state or back home for more options.

Benefits of an Internship

According to the Internship & Co-op Survey Report in 2013, "The retention rates of full-time hires who came from an employer's own internship/co-op program are higher than the rates of those hires that either completed an internship/co-op with another employer or completed no internship/co-op at all." In addition, internships allow students to see if it's the career for them, as well as gain professional references and valuable experience in their future profession.