Help Your College Student Find a Part-time Job

Having a job in college is a great way to get work experience and earn some extra cash. Whether it's on campus working at the bookstore or in the local community, jobs can teach money management and organization skills — both great assets that will serve your student after college.

Use these tips to help your student find the right job while in school:

Find a Part-Time Job in College

Actively Seek Out Job Opportunities

Encourage your college student to visit the student center or job board to see openings - especially during the first and last month of the semester. Because of the turnover rate, there could be more openings on campus before a new semester begins. Also, don't have your college student limit themselves to applying for only one job. Instead, have them network among friends and professors to see what jobs are available. Universities have multiple job opportunities on campus and want to give college students work experience before starting careers. Working can be a valuable and necessary part of the college experience, but students should make sure that they are balancing their studies with work so their grades don't suffer.

Balancing Work, School and Social Life

Students should know their own limits. Some students can manage 18 credit hours and work 20 hours a week, while others can take 15 credit hours and work 10 hours a week. Parents: encourage your student to communicate with their supervisor at work about a schedule that they can realistically commit to without compromising school work. Look for employers that have flexible schedules or consider jobs like private tutoring to help create a schedule that your student can manage.