Help Your College Student Develop Study Skills

Time management is a vital skill that every adult needs. Your college student may have mastered the basic skills of studying, but college is a new territory and exams will test deeper understanding of concepts.

Use these tips to encourage better study skills for your student:

Develop Study Skills in College

Develop a Time Management System

Time management is the key to studying smarter and not necessarily harder. Consider tactics that have a reward value, such as the Pomodoro Technique where 25 minutes of uninterrupted work is rewarded with five minutes of break. Each set is one Pomodoro, and four equals a longer break (30 minutes to 1 hour). Remind your college student that long periods of studying without breaks may actually counteract quality preparation.

Find a Productive Study Environment

Talk to your college student about distraction and how to find an environment where they can be the most productive. On weekdays, it could be their college dorm, but on the weekends it could be the college library. Remind your student to switch up the study environment because a new setting could help maintain better focus.

Organize Your Class Notes

Organization can weed out unnecessary time constraints. After lectures, encourage your student to review notes and highlight important topics and concepts. That way, when it comes time to review and study for a test, they won't have to spend an hour reading through all of the notes from the last couple of months. Instead, they can use that time to immediately dive into studying. If they have a hard time taking notes while paying attention, get a tape recorder or a computer to type up the notes.