Selecting a college major is one of the first steps your college student will take at the beginning of their college years, preferably during their first year at school. Selecting a college major is an important decision and your student should consider his or her academic strengths, interests and long-term career goals.

Use these tips to help your student chose a college major:

Choose a College Major

Encourage your student to explore

You can help your college student by exploring interests that he or she may enjoy. You don't have to know about every major available, but you can find resources such as college career center counselors who can provide assessments to identify interests and skills. In addition, you should encourage your student to explore the different programs on the school's website.

Talk With Older Students

In addition to a college counselor, encourage your college student to talk with peers, family and friends who are already in the major or have graduated from the program. They'll give more in-depth information about what the program is like, which professors to take courses from and future careers.

Don't Panic

According to Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook, 50 to 75% of undergraduate students change majors at least once before graduating, and that is okay. Encourage your student to take general education classes to see what interests them and where they excel. With experience and research, it will help them narrow down college major choices. Just keep in mind that it can get costly if they continue to take classes without declaring a major.

Remember, a major is not a final decision— your student can always change majors. Get an early start - click here for helpful info on college majors or visit our College Majors Interactive.


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