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  • Find a job this summer by getting creative and putting your skills to work.
  • Make extra money by delivering food, taking paid surveys, or selling your used textbooks.
  • If you have unique skills, look for freelancing opportunities to earn cash and gain valuable experience.

School's out and summer is the perfect opportunity to earn some money. With a little creativity and hard work, you can turn your extra time into some extra income.

Rent out your room

Are you home for the summer and paying rent for an off-campus space you aren't occupying? If yes, renting out that spare room could be a great way to make extra money. But before you post an ad, check to see if your lease allows sublets. Get your landlord's permission before allowing someone else to move in temporarily.

Be sure to also discuss the idea of subletting with your current roommate(s). When you've found a subletter, draft a sublease agreement detailing the basics, including the start and end dates and cost of rent. You can ask your landlord if they have a sublease agreement that you can use. There are also websites that offer free online templates you can work off of, in addition to sites that help you sublet your room.

Sell stock photos

If you've invested in camera gear and have an eye for photography, why not sell stock photos? You can submit photos to online stock agencies. You'll get paid every time someone downloads your photo. Selling stock photos is a great way to turn your creativity into cash.

Run errands

If you're over 18 and have a reliable car and smartphone, try becoming a courier for an app-based service. Couriers collect packages and deliver them to customers. Deliveries range from food takeout to office supplies. Download a service app and search for listings of errands posted by people in your area.


Freelancing is a great way to make extra money and gain work experience while you're still in school. Take the time to think about a freelance skill that you already have. Once you've thought of a marketable skill, start looking for freelancing opportunities. Advertise your skills to family and friends, and reach out to local businesses. Common freelance gigs include copywriting, graphic design, photography, and programming.

Teach what you know

Do you excel in a certain skill or subject? Tutoring is a side gig that anyone can do, and people are always looking for tutors in various subjects. In addition to traditional tutoring subjects like math, science, and English, if you're an expert at playing a musical instrument, consider giving beginner music lessons. Are you a fluent speaker of another language? Try picking up a few extra bucks as a language tutor.

You can advertise your teaching skills in libraries and tutoring centers. Be sure to check your school's tutoring center for any opportunities.

Babysit or pet sit

If you're good with kids or pets, you can make extra income as a sitter. Many families search for someone to take care of their children while school's out, and pet owners often need a sitter when they're away. Start by asking friends and family for references to find babysitting or pet sitting positions.

Take surveys

Companies will pay for your opinion through online surveys that you can do in your pajamas. Look online for paid surveys or join focus groups to share your thoughts on products or services. Compensation varies by company and survey. Do your research and make sure the site is legit. Here's how to tell if an online survey is a scam, according to Panel Place:

  • The site does not provide information about their business.
  • There is no Privacy Policy and they collect extremely personal information.
  • There is a fee to take part in the survey.
  • The payouts sound too good to be true.
  • There are numerous complaints on review sites or forums.

Sometimes actual surveyors can be found at malls or grocery stores looking to sign up survey takers.

Sell your books

Have any unused college textbooks? Take your textbooks back to your college bookstore or see how much you can sell them for online. Check to see if your campus has student organized forums or book trade sites via social media so you can advertise.

When seasonal jobs are filled, remember that there are several ways to make extra cash this summer. You just need to have an open mind and get a little creative.

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