Questions to Ask on a College Visit - College Visit Tips

10 Questions to Ask on a College Visit

Visiting a college campus is an important step in selecting where you want to attend. A campus visit is your opportunity to get a feel for the school to determine if it is a right fit for you. To help make the most of your college visit, come prepared with a list of questions. This information along with your own impressions of the campus can help you narrow down your college choices.

  1. What are the most important qualities that you look for in potential students?
  2. What type of career services are offered on campus?
  3. What types of honors courses, learning communities, and other distinctive programs are offered?
  4. Typically, how many students are in the freshman class?
  5. How many courses are taught by a professor versus a teaching assistant?
  6. How many freshman students return the second year? How many graduate?
  7. What types of work-study opportunities are available?
  8. What is the average amount of student loan debt for students who graduate in four years?
  9. What percentage of students participate in campus clubs or groups?
  10. What is the average amount of the financial aid package you offer to students?