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Group of female employees in Discover t-shirts working together at a volunteer event.

Power of our people

We make DE&I a part of everything we do so our employees can thrive, and we can best serve our customers. We use our full platform of jobs, products, business spend, philanthropy, and more to advance equity—and motivate others to effect change. 

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Updated 05/15/2023

The drive for equity we have internally is what enables us to advance equity externally. We hope our efforts inspire even more change beyond our walls.

Jonita Wilson
Chief Diversity Officer

Matt Johanson
Chief ESG Officer & Senior Vice President of Social Impact

Jonita Wilson and Matt Johanson standing next to eachother and smiling at Riverwoods office.

Social highlights

We set out to make meaningful change, and we’re proud of the progress we’ve made toward our North Star Goals in the past year.


Increased women Directors population

Strengthened pipeline of People of Color (POC)1 to management levels

Increased Black and Hispanic representation at nearly all levels


Established a measurement system that helps us assess potential equity gaps in our talent processes


Increased Inclusion Index score by 3 points, 
achieving a score of 80/100 or above for all identity groups

Social Impact.

Grew to over 450 employees at our Chatham Customer Care Center this year

Spent $103 million with diverse-owned businesses,2 a 27% increase from 2021

Solid foundation aligned with our mission to create better financial futures and launching a Financial Inclusion task force in 2023


Salaried employees

Women represent 48% of salaried employees in 2022.
People of Color represent 44% of salaried employees in 2022.
Black people and Hispanic people represent 15% of salaried employees in 2022.

Hourly employees

Women represent 79% of hourly employees in 2022.
People of Color represent 49% of hourly employees in 2022.
Black people and Hispanic people represent 41% of hourly employees in 2022.

  • Current data on gender is measured Men/Women. We recognize this does not represent the full spectrum of gender identities, but we are matching to the external benchmark. Results from our self-ID campaign indicate that .17% of the Discover population identifies as nonbinary.
  • Comparisons to system(s) of record, both current and historical, may vary due to rounding and/or transactional changes.
  • Discover partners with an independent, third-party consultant to conduct a company-wide pay equity analysis that considers race, ethnicity, and gender.
  • Data as of December 31, 2022
  • POC is defined as People of Color; POC comprises all races/ethnicities in the United States that are not categorized as White/Caucasian.

How Chatham changed us

Our Chatham Customer Care Center, serving Chicago's South Side, has set the precedent for site selection, hiring procedures, customer service experience, and community development. We’re now scaling this model and investing in the neighborhoods we have offices.

This location's performance demonstrates that investing in neighborhoods and untapped talent is also good for business: 

Ribbon icon.

Outstanding customer service experience4

Percent icon with arrow pointing up.

Top engagement scores5

Icon of documents.

High demand for jobs: over 14,000 applications since March 2021

Icon showing outline of three people.

Lower employee attrition6

Business diversity

We are intentional in selecting the suppliers and businesses we partner with every day. In 2022, we spent $103 million with diverse-owned businesses, a 27% increase from 2021.

Icon showing bill with dollar sign. Copy says $103 million with diverse-owned busineses.
Icon showing bar chart with increasing bars and arrow pointing up. Copy says 27% increase year-over-year with diverse-owned businesses.

For more information, download our 2022 report.

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Updated 05/15/2023

1 POC is defined as People of Color; POC comprises all races/ethnicities in the United States that are not categorized as White/Caucasian.
2 A diverse-owned business is a business with at least 51% ownership by one or more diverse group(s). Diverse groups include ethnic minorities, women, veterans, people with disabilities, or members of the LGBTQ+ community.
3 Engagement as an index of the two items Discover measures (employee satisfaction and willingness to recommend as a great place to work). Discover Inclusion Index is an aggregate measure of Authenticity, Belonging, Equal Opportunity, and Team Inclusion.
4 Based on Chatham Customer Service & Engagement (CSE) Agent Net Promoter Score (ANPS), comparable to non-Chatham Discover CSE overall ANPS.
5 Compared to Discover overall Engagement score for 2022.
6 Based on non-exempt Chatham CSE attrition rate, comparable to CSE non-Chatham like business unit processes.