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Budgeting for Wedding Bouquets: A Seasonal Flower Chart [Infographic]

All weddings are made of thoughtful details, and one beautiful detail people immediately notice is the flowers. The majority of couples in the U.S. will spend about 8% of their total wedding budget3 on flowers, including bouquets, boutonnieres, and table centerpieces. For some couples, the flowers are more than a detail, and one recent wedding in Russia featured a reported $500,000 in flowers2.

It doesn’t matter if you plan on spending half a million dollars or only want to include a few blooms: When planning your wedding, the seasonality of blooms can affect both their price and availability. Some flowers, especially due to their popularity, are now available year-round, including some lilies, budget-friendly carnations, and a wide variety of roses. However, some blooms may only be available in certain seasons. A spring flower for weddings includes the lily of the valley, while a fall flower for your wedding is jasmine. Couples who want a trendsetting floral arrangement for their wedding should consider seasonal flowers like coxcomb (a summer bloom) and ranunculus (for winter wedding bouquets).

See more options for your wedding flowers, as well as more budgeting tips, in the infographic below.

wedding seasonal flower infographic

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