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21 Ways to Celebrate Yourself

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We all have our little indulgences and routines for celebration.

A glass of wine to celebrate the end of the workday, a night out to celebrate the start of the weekend and a nice dinner to celebrate our latest promotion. But what about our bigger life milestones? The ones that don’t come with their own built-in forms of celebration?

Maybe it’s the marathon you finally ran, or the novel you finally finished, or those last 20 pounds you finally lost? Achieving those epic personal goals are deserving of some equally epic celebration, no?

If you’re looking for a way to treat yourself with an item or experience you’ll never forget, consider these 21 fabulous ways to celebrate yourself.

1. Take a Tropical RetreatIt’s hard to go wrong with a few days on the beach in the Caribbean with unlimited mojitos and all you can eat breakfast, lunch and dinner – all-inclusive of course!

2. Charter a Sailboat. If you want to add an extra dose of adventure to your getaway celebration, charter a sailboat for you and a bestie to enjoy as you explore the high seas (with the help of an experienced captain of course).

3. Create Your Own Sanctuary. Treat yourself to a little design overhaul in your office or bedroom to make it a true sanctuary for yourself.

4. Revamp Your Wardrobe. Work with a stylist or personal shopper to find some new staples and accent pieces that’ll make you feel like you’re celebrating every time you get dressed.

5. Treat Yourself to Some Bling. Consider upgrading your accessories too – whether it’s a sleek watch or some bling to sport for your next formal affair.

6. Upgrade Your Shoe Game. What is a new wardrobe without an equally fabulous pair of shoes to go with it? The next time you find yourself eyeing a pair, put them on the list for your next self-celebration.

7. Try a Tasting Menu. There’s eating out and then there’sdining.Go for the full immersive experience by reserving your spot to enjoy the tasting menu at a world-class restaurant for a truly memorable culinary experience.

8. Take a Class. Thinking of a career change? Or just want to know more about one of your favorite topics? Sign up for a semester of classes at your local college.

9. Rent out a Mansion. Get a taste of the ultra-luxe life by renting out a mansion or estate for the week – oceanfront, wine country, ski chalet – you can find luxury to enjoy in any form.

10. Book a Spa Getaway. Enjoy the fully pampered experience, from daily massages to steam rooms to the smell of eucalyptus 24/7, with a spa getaway.

11. Take a Trip Around the World. Consider celebrating with a true once in a lifetime experience like a trip around the world – either on your own, on a cruise ship or with a tour group. A vacation loan could help fund such an adventure.

12. Treat Yourself to a Luxury Membership. Whether it’s your local golf or tennis association or an exclusive social club, extend your self-celebration with a membership you can enjoy all year long.

13. Upgrade Your Ride. Maybe it’s time to trade in your civic for something a little more celebratory? A new luxury vehicle is a gift to yourself you can enjoy every time you hit the road.

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14. Splurge on Season Tickets. Maybe you let yourself splurge one or two times per year to catch your favorite sports team, but a big celebration means a big splurge, think SEASON tickets!

15. Buy a Vacation Home. You know that one place on the planet where your worries and stress just melt away? Maybe it’s time to start shopping for a vacation home in the area and make it your go to getaway locale.

16. Go for the VIP Experience. Want to meet your favorite band after their next show, or be front row center the next time Beyoncé comes through town? Go for the upgrade and book the VIP experience – backstage tour, meet and greet and all!

17. Satisfy Your Sophisticated Tastes. If you’re an art lover, celebrate yourself by supporting one of your favorite artists and getting a piece to enjoy in your own home.

18. Upgrade Your Electronics. Whether it’s your cracked iPhone or your leftover dorm room TV from college, chances are there are some electronics in your life that could use a serious upgrade. Treat yourself to the latest model.

19. Upgrade Your Appliances. It’s not just technology upgrades that offer celebration-worthy lifestyle upgrades, it’s the stuff you use every day too – your washer/dryer, your dishwasher, your fridge, etc. Go for a full appliance overhaul. This could also be part of an effort to make your home more efficient.

20. Buy Your Favorite Breed. If there’s a premium kind of furry friend you’ve wanted to add to your family for a while, your next celebration could be the perfect occasion.

21. Tackle Your Bucket List. Whether you’ve always wanted to see the pyramids of Egypt or stay in a Bora Bora overwater bungalow, there’s nothing like crossing something off your bucket list to put the excitement into your next celebration.

Some of these might be a little indulgent, but you’re not going to make a habit out of any of them, right? So go ahead, celebrate yourself!

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