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Funding Your Children’s Extracurricular Fun

In their formative years, children have the chance to learn and grow with the help of extracurricular activities. Luckily, they have a number of activities to choose from, all of which do their minds and bodies good. For example, children enrolled in some kind of art program can see their special reasoning skills further developed, and their fine motor skills improved. Another popular activity, sports, may help increase self-confidence and discipline. Not only are these extracurricular activities good for the child; they’re also great for the child’s academic future. If a student one day decides to apply to go to college, extracurricular activities of all types can help show a student’s potential and demonstrate invaluable skills that will help them succeed in higher education.

Of course, many of these activities require an investment. Kids’ sports alone is a $15.3 billion industry, with league fees, camps, equipment, training, and travel among the top costs. Another popular option, band or orchestra programs, come with their own costs. Families can plan ahead to keep costs low while ensuring their children are benefiting from organized activities. Learn more in the infographic below.

cost of kids sports

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