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With This Ring: Your Guide to the Ring-Buying Process

Regardless of how a couple gets engaged or the size of their wedding, they’re likely going to want rings. Buying rings can be overwhelming thanks to the wide variety of options available, so you may want to start with the basics: materials and gemstones.

The traditional metals most jewelers offer include platinum, cobalt and titanium, but do your homework to learn which works best with your lifestyle and needs. For couples who want a more unique ring, options such as meteorite, stainless Damascus steel (derived from ancient sword-making practices) and even wood are all potential options.

After selecting the material, select your gemstone. You have a number of considerations, especially when it comes to the most popular stone: the diamond. Cut, color, clarity, and carat all determine your diamond’s quality, and you can branch out into ones that are naturally colored, called fancy diamonds, for a special look. Of course, you can also opt for another gemstone, but be careful to choose a gem that’s hard enough to not get damaged during normal wear, such as rubies, sapphires and aquamarines.

To learn more about gemstones, ring materials, and choosing the right ring for your betrothed, check out the infographic below.


Guide to ring buying process infographic

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