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How to Budget Your Money Wisely in 3 Steps

Woman paying bills online

Some say the secret to building wealth isn’t necessarily how much you make, but rather how much you save. Essentially, are you being smart with what you have? Are you managing your money and your budget wisely so you can save more? Maybe you’re asking yourself,… Read More

Should You Pay Off Debt or Save for an Emergency?

Pay off debt or build an emergency fund, that’s the real question. They’re both smart money moves and each is an important step in achieving financial wellness. But what if you have a stressful level of debt? Should you just tackle that first? Or can you successfully… Read More

Can You Inherit Debt?

Woman researching what happens to debt when you die

When it comes to money management, there may be no topic more emotionally charged than inheritance.

That’s true whether you’re planning your estate (figuring out what will happen with your money and property after you die) or if you might inherit something… Read More

How to Stop Spending Money: 3 Tips to Curb Your Spending

When we think about our money and what would make it easier or less stressful to manage, we tend to think that just having more of it will solve all of our problems.

“If I just had an extra $1,000/month or if I just made $100,000/ year, all of my problems would go away.”

But… Read More