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5% Cashback Bonus

5% Cashback Bonus

Just for existing cardmembers—use your card on your appraisal deposit and earn 5% Cashback Bonus automatically View Details

The 5% Cashback Bonus is only available when you use your Discover card issued by Discover Bank to pay for your appraisal deposit. Cards used by other Discover Network issuers are not eligible for this promotion. Please allow up to 2 billing cycles for this reward to be added to your Cashback Bonus account. Cashback Bonus is a Discover card program and is subject to the Cashback Bonus Terms and Conditions. Please refer to those Terms and Conditions for more details about your rewards program.

In most cases, your appraisal deposit (used to purchase a non-refundable appraisal report covering your real property - our collateral for the proposed loan) will be required in order to process your loan application. The appraisal deposit amount will be credited to your closing costs when your loan is closed and funded.

Real Estate Rewards

Earn significant rewards and more.

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  • Earn from $200 to $3,100 in rewards when you complete your next home purchase or sale through this program.
  • Get a personal real estate coordinator, discounts, and more.
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Close on Time Guarantee

We'll be ready to close on time or we'll pay you.

  • If we're not ready, we'll give you up to a $1,000 credit towards closing costs, guaranteed.
  • You receive your credit automatically, no need to ask.
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Welcome Back Bonus

Pay no origination fees for life.

  • Returning customers receive a credit waiver for all origination fees at closing.
  • Your credit is automatically applied, no need to ask.
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