User IDs and Passwords

Q: Can I still use my Account Number to login?

Yes. Just type your Account Number into the user ID field without using any spaces or dashes. It should look like this: 6011000000000000.

Q: If I choose a user ID instead of my Account Number, will my Account still be secure?

Using a user ID can be just as safe as logging in with your Discover® Card Account Number provided you choose your user ID carefully. For tips on choosing a secure user ID, please see our Password and User ID Guidelines.

Q: Can I change my user ID?

Yes. You can update your user ID or password at any time. Simply login to the Account Center using your current user ID or Discover Card Account Number, then go to the Customer Service area. There you can change your user ID or password.

Q: I need help on choosing a user ID and password.

Your password should be:
  • Something personal that you can remember easily
  • A mixture of letters and numbers: jimmy14; my2dogsare5; delaware5764
  • Memorized, and not written down near your computer, or your Card.
For more information on creating secure user IDs and passwords, see our Password and User ID Guidelines.

Q: I can't remember my user ID.

If you can't remember your user ID, you can always sign in using your Discover Card Account Number - even after you've customized your user ID. Once you're logged in, you can go to the Customer Service section and select a new user ID.

Q: I can't remember my password.

As a security precaution, no one at Discover Card knows or can retrieve your password for you. If you can't remember your password, you can use the Password Reset feature to reset it. This quick, two-step process helps protect your personal information.

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