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If “too few accounts paid as agreed” turns up on your credit report, it means one of two things. It may be triggered when you haven’t made payments on time on too many of your credit accounts. Alternatively, it may mean that your credit history doesn’t have enough accounts (such as credit cards, loans, mortgages or credit lines) to accurately calculate your lending risk. If it’s the latter, the message will appear on your report even if you’ve been making payments on your existing credit according to the terms of your current credit account(s).1

It Will Be Difficult to Obtain New Lines of Credit

A “too few accounts paid as agreed” remark on your credit report may prevent your credit score from increasing, and lenders may cite it as a reason why you don’t meet their lending requirements.2

Possible Ways to Deal With “Too Few Accounts Paid As Agreed” On Your Credit History

It may be wise to work on making all payments on time and in full going forward. You may also want to consider opening another credit account if you have a limited borrowing history. Be careful of applying for or opening several at once as this may damage your credit further.3

If you’ve only had credit for a short while, you may just have to wait it out. As time passes and you build a longer credit history with a wider mix of credit types, the remark may eventually be removed from your account.

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