Though many consumers have access to mobile payment technology on their smartphones, many consumers haven’t made — and aren’t planning to make — the switch from physical credit cards.1

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One reason may be concerns about security. When you’re storing sensitive information on your smartphone, you want to know that the information isn’t easy to access if someone steals or hacks into your phone.

Another concern is convenience. Since credit cards themselves are not particularly inconvenient to use, how can digital wallets appeal to consumers who are already pretty happy with how they pay for things?

Here’s why mobile wallets address these and other concerns.

Mobile Wallets Can Help Keep Your Information Safe

Many mobile wallets have incorporated security features into the design. Apple Pay, for example, doesn’t store the details of your transactions, so they can’t be tied back to you. Only your most recent purchases are kept in-Wallet for your convenience, and instead of using your actual credit card number, a unique Device Account Number is assigned to each device and used to process your purchases.2

Mobile Wallets are Convenient

Most of today’s mobile payment platforms are contactless — meaning they allow you to pay for transactions simply by holding your phone up to a card reader at checkout. Your phone then transmits a secure signal carrying your payment information, and will prompt you to verify the purchase, either by entering a code or providing your fingerprint. You never have to remove your card from your wallet.

What’s more is many retailers allow you to earn and track rewards, buy and load gift cards, order and pay in advance, and even load discounts through your mobile payment app.

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Mobile Wallets Allow You to Choose a Default Card

It’s easy to make Discover your default card with Apple Pay. You can also set up Fraud Alerts, which will notify you if suspicious or unusual activity is detected on your account. Discover offers a $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee as well, which means that you are not liable for unauthorized purchases on your Discover card account.2

If you’d like to test out a digital wallet, adding your Discover card is easy. With Apple Pay, just sign into the app with your AppleID and snap a photo of your card (you can also enter the card information manually).


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