Everybody has something they want. If not today, then for sure tomorrow. That’s why building credit matters. Better credit gives you better chances at getting the things you’ll want some day. Like credit cards, student loans, car loans or even a mortgage.

There is a lot that you can do to build and maintain good credit, but let’s start out simple. Here are the Top 3 Tips to Build Your Credit:

Number 1: Pay your bills on time (It’s so simple. But so important). 

Number 2: Make at least your minimum payment each month (And you can always pay more). 

Number 3: Stay well within your credit limit (Maxing out your cards could hurt your credit score).

Use these three tips for a better chance at a credit score that makes lenders get excited about doing business with you. So you get where you want to be.

For more on how your Credit Score is determined, see our next video.