Check Your Credit Score: Discover Survey

The best time to work on improving your credit score is before you need it — before you're ready to purchase that house or apply for a loan. Check out the latest survey data from Discover.

What Is My Starting Credit Score?

There's a misconception that consumers start at the bottom of the credit ladder and move their way up. There's some truth to this, but it's often more complicated than that. Find out here.

Why Does My Credit Score Matter?

Why does your credit score matter? For a lot of reasons, some of which you may not even be familiar with. You know that you need a solid credit score to get a mortgage or a car loan.

Common Credit Score Mistakes to Avoid

From maxing our your credit card to closing accounts, here are a few credit score mistakes to avoid if you want to keep up a solid credit history.

Why Do I Have Different Credit Scores?

If you've ever used a credit monitoring service, you've probably wondered why you have different credit scores. Learn why there are many credit scores available.