What Does Preapproved Mean?

When a lender preapproves you for a credit card, it means they ran a soft inquiry credit check on you. The purpose of this credit check is to make sure you are qualified to receive credit.

What Credit Card Do I Qualify For?

Discover has a fast, simple, and secure online preapproval tool to help you check offers specific to you, without hurting your credit score.

Can Debt Negotiation Ruin Your Credit?

Debt negotiation — negotiating the portion of the debt you owe that you will pay to a lender — can seem simple enough. However, debt negotiation and debt settlement aren't without consequences. Find out what they are here.

What is a Credit Profile?

Your credit profile — also known as your credit history — can impact whether you're approved for new credit cards or loans, and at what terms.

Five Credit Report Terms to Know

When you start paying attention to your finances, you end up becoming more familiar with your credit report. However, you may not know all of the terms you see and what they mean...